This doesn’t have anything to do with our topic, but I thought it was the funniest cartoon of the week, by Chip Bok at
cartoon 11-1 Chip Bok gocomics 10-31 help i'm drowning.gif
Now, with reporting, “Fox News’ ratings… climbing… and… at or near the levels for October 2008 while both CNN and MSNBC are down 50% plus from their October 2008 levels,” come these germane cartoons…

by Mike Luckovich at
cartoon 11-1 mike luckovich gocomics 10-31 war between obama fox cnn casualty.gif
by Drew Sheneman at
cartoon 11-1 drew sheneman gocomics 10-27 more troops needed against fox news.gif
by Glenn McCoy at
cartoon 11-1 glenn mccoy gocomics 10-23 fox holds finger in barrel.gif
On that topic, bravo to CNN’s Campbell Brown for calling the White House’s Valerie Jarrett this out for complaining about conservative Fox and not liberal MSNBC. Campbell’s only blind spot, of course, is liberal CNN, which she laughingly attempts to portray as innocent objective cable media outlet caught in the crossfire….

So what say you about this, Campbell, by Chip Bok at
cartoon 11-1 chip bok gocomics 10-27 msm watchdog that didnt bark.gif

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