gift from god.jpgI’m happy to announce we have added a rookie to our Stanek basketball team!
Grandson #5 arrived last night at 6:34p. Nathaniel Colt Austin weighed in at 7-4 and was 19-1/2″ long.
For those in the crowd who love hearing every detail of labor and deliveries (labors and delivery?), my daughter-in-law tends to dilate without going into labor, which was the case this time with her 4th boy….

She delivered our eldest grandson way too early, at 25 weeks. Since then she was gone full term but was dilated to 8 cm (!) before going into labor with grandson #2 and 6 cm with #3. For her regularly scheduled doctor’s appointment yesterday with #4 she was dilated 7-8 cm. Last night at dinner she felt the baby shift, had one contraction, and knew it was time.
My son and DIL barely made it to the ER. In fact, she delivered leaning back in the wheelchair – never making it to the gurney!
Mother and baby are both doing well, I’m happy to report. I’m leaving now for the hospital and to help take care of #s1-3 until tomorrow.
Kelli and the mods are in charge!

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