12/10, 8:15a: There is interesting controversy raging in the comments section of this post on the age of the preborn baby whose ultrasound photo I displayed. On closer inspection, the age listed is likely off, but only by 1-2 weeks at most.
Here are photos of babies aborted at 7 weeks after fertilization from the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform and the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform. (The top left coin is a Canadian nickel.)
abortion 7 week old baby.png
As you can see, we now know very young, very small babies (5 weeks: size of pea or raisin; 6 weeks: 1/2″; 7 weeks: 3/4″) are remarkably developed. I’ve written CBR to ask if they have any photos of babies aborted at younger ages and will post those if so….

Alongside advanced pro-life abortion recognizance, advanced ultrasound technology corroborates just how developed these very young, very small preborn babies are. Here is a slide of ultrasound photos from a powerpoint presentation I prepared awhile ago that agrees with the aborted baby photos above. Click to enlarge…
embryo 7 weeks old.pngAll this aside, and as moderator Chris pointed out in a comment, pro-aborts show remarkable intellectual obtuseness, and box themselves into a corner, by attempting to debate at what level of a baby’s development is acceptable to abort. Do they really want to go there?
12/09, 6:07p: The editor of the pro-abort blog RH Reality Check, both funded by Ted Turner, is leaving for greener pastures – hopefully – since his tenure at RH surely equated to the Great Dismal Swamp.
Scott Swenson, RH Reality check, abortion, Ted Turner.jpgThis was evidenced by Scott Swenson’s parting words of wit and wisdom, so he thought, this afternoon…

Instead of specializing in 1 issue area, I’ve had the tremendous good fortune to work with leaders in 3. People helping to ease transitions out of physical life in the Death with Dignity movement; philanthropists working for equal rights no matter how we find love in this life, regardless of sexual or gender identity… and most recently with the fascinating world of sexual and reproductive health, how we transition into physical life….

So with homosexual rights sandwiched in the middle, Scott’s foci have been how to expedite the suicides or killing of the old, young, and infirmed. But there’s more…

I consider myself a mid-wife in this latest role, bringing RH Reality Check from concept to reality, knowing from the start I was to facilitate the process, then let nature takes its course. The gestation period was a little longer than anticipated, but as with any healthy delivery, the pain resulted in joy.

Except Scott only believes in letting gestational nature take its course when it comes to himself. But he sure is poetic. But there’s more…

You never know who they will be when change begins, but the best teachers are the people you are with in the moment.

Well, that was deep. Or supposed to be deep. But ridiculous and fraudulent.
5 week old baby, abortion, scott swenson, rh reality check.jpgWhat if Scott were watching a baby move by ultrasound “in the moment”? What would that baby teach Scott? The ultrasound still, left, is of a 5-week-old preborn, of the age Scott unequivocally thinks can be aborted. What is that baby saying to you, Scott, “Please kill me”?
What if Scott were communicating with Terri Schiavo “in the moment”? Because she could do that. terri schiavo, scott swenson, rh reality check, death with dignity.jpgShe was responsive. What would Terry teach Scott? “Please kill me by the wonderfully dignified way of dehydration and starvation over the course of 13 long days”?
Surprisingly, Scott got a tad religious, opening and closing his fond farewell with words of Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change you seek.”
You know, Gandhi, the guy who preached total nonviolence.

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