Abortion is a worldwide tragedy that is being fought on many fronts. In New Zealand, the pro-life cause is being brought back to the forefront after years of having been largely ignored.
Andy's blog.pngOne of our interns, Andy, hails from NZ and is involved with Prolife NZ. He was a featured speaker at a recent pro-life training workshop and shares about the experience on his blog:

The day before the workshop we held a protest march (the first anti-abortion march in I don’t know how long), against the Family Planning Association (Planned Parenthood equivalent). The FPA corporation… has applied to the Abortion Supervisory Committee for a license to commit chemical (RU486) abortions against mothers and their pre-born children up to 9 wks at its 30 clinics throughout NZ….

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With over 130 in attendance at the workshop and many of these youth, the organizers were very happy and are looking forward to next year… It is encouraging to see this, as this has been initiated by a group in a city where previously there was little more than a stir against the injustice of abortion being committed there and throughout the rest of the country.

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Wherever you are based, I encourage you to meet up with some other pro-lifers, get a committee together, and get a pro-life workshop happening in a town or city near you. This cause isn’t something like model-trains or a stamp-collectors club – this mustn’t be something that we do once a year, switch on the enthusiasm and activism for a couple of days and then switch off for the rest of the year. Even if you only have 20 or 30 turn up, you’re going to be doing more good than you know by not only inspiring and convicting the next generation of the importance of their involvement, but also empowering them to know how they can get active in the fight for the right to life of the unborn.

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