A new wrinkle in the health reform debate is stirring controversy from a curious group: a social justice organization speaking out against the liberal definition of “whole life.”
barbara mikulski, whole life, pro-life, abortion, healthcare.jpgYesterday pro-abort Sen. Barbara Mikulski echoed words similar to those she recently gave on the Senate floor, which were similar to words by Rep. Patrick Kennedy that launched his brouhaha with Bishop Thomas Tobin.
Mikulski said, according to CNSNews.com

I think it’s morally wrong to vote against health care, because if you really are pro-life – or as Richard – Rick Warren says, “whole-life” – then universal access to health care that would guarantee maternity health, sound wonderful deliveries for children, and so on, I think that’s what we want to do…..

Take a listen…

Now a new group, with – you heard it here first – spokesperson Eduardo Verastegui, is challenging any “whole life” soundbite that excludes preborns.
Jason Jones, well known in pro-family circles, particularly for his work co-producing Bella, launched the excellent site, IAmWholeLife.com, with a press release today stating:

Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) hijacked the term “whole life” in her Senate floor speech this week by conveniently leaving out children in the womb who are threatened by abortion from her counterfeit definition. She tried to brand the current Senate legislation as pro-life – even though the current bill without the Nelson-Hatch-Casey will lead to the largest expansion of abortion since Roe vs. Wade….
Mikulski… stated… “Healthcare reform is the most important social justice vote that we will cast in this decade. Universal access to health care is a basic human right…. This bill is pro-life. Making it a debate about abortion is misguided and wrong…. These are pro-life principles…. They are ‘whole life’ principles.”
“Sadly, Sen. Mikulski’s statement demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding on her part about what it means to be Whole Life,” stated Jason Jones, founder of IAmWholeLife.com, a project of HERO’s Whole Life America. “There is no social justice when the life of an innocent child is taken by abortion; abortion destroys a whole life and protects no one.”
Sen. Mikulski finished her statement with, “Reject the Nelson Amendment. And if you’re really pro-life, vote for the senate-merged bill.”
“The greatest threat to human dignity in the United States is the destruction of human life in the womb, not a lack of ‘health care reform,'” Jones said…..
IAmWholeLife.com is a new project of HERO’s Whole Life America. It is a highly interactive internet portal that allows people to learn more about the Whole Life ethic, to share their work in this field and take the Whole Life Pledge, which commits to “defending all human life from the child in the womb to the child in Darfur, from the embryo to the elderly.”
“Any legislation that compromises the dignity of the human person, including the sanctioning of abortion, as Sen. Mikulski’s does, is No Life. We invite Sen. Mikulski to reconsider and truly be Whole Life,” concluded Jones.

Here is Jason’s touching testimony of being a post-abortive dad…

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