Rats. If my flight out weren’t at 8p – and, ok, if I weren’t already planning to have a post-March for Life beer at The Dubliner – I’d go to this. It’s way creepy to attend a pro-abort function but valuable recognizance.
Maybe some pro-lifers not worn out from the March can picket to help NARAL “celebrate”…
NARAL, DC event, roe v wade, abortion.png
What is the Coathanger Project? It’s a film, and here’s a preview, a little dated…

There is a lot in that clip to make mention of.
But generally speaking, pro-lifers can correctly dispute all day long that the number of deaths due to illegal abortions have been and are way overinflated. In addition there are now antibiotics to help women, who as the film correctly stated, died mostly due to infection back in the day.
the coathanger project.jpgBut I think the better argument to make is that the threat of a few mothers harming themselves from illegal abortion is not a moral reason to allow them to kill their preborn children legally. Abortion is not the solution.
The correct way to stop desperate or stupid mothers from attempting dangerous illegal abortions is to teach them not to have illicit sex to begin with, which results in the #1 rationale for abortion – convenience, primary or secondary birth control (see Guttmacher chart, pg 113).
That said, if girls or women do find themselves in crisis pregnancies, we can give them whatever help they need to sustain their pregnancies, and we are there to help them afterward, too, whether they decide to keep their babies or place them for adoption.
And don’t forget, those arguing in favor of legalized abortion make quite the profit from it.

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