UPDATE, 1/19, 4:50a: Here’s MSM coverage of yesterday’s event. Note both news orgs interviewed repentant post-abortive mothers, which is good. First, from KHOU.com

Then from ABC13.com

From the Houston Chronicle, 30 minutes ago:
planned parenthood houston rally.jpg

Thousands of people from across the country are protesting at anti-abortion rally this morning near the site of a large Planned Parenthood facility on the Gulf Freeway in Houston.
The protesters are gathering for a prayer march targeting the facility which they describe as an “abortion supercenter.”…

The crowds, which are growing, are gathering in a parking lot… near the six-story PP building which is set to open this spring.
The protesters plan to march in a square around the neighborhood before congregating at PP for an early afternoon press conference.
PP officials today said 2 of the facility’s 6 floors will be for clinical space. Most of the building will be used for administration and family planning.
Our new building on the Gulf Freeway will be the largest Planned Parenthood building in the US,” the organization said in a statement today. “It will be our administrative headquarters for 35 counties in Southeast TX and LA.”…
Officials with Planned Parenthood have described claims that the building will be the largest center of late-term abortions in the Western Hemisphere as “nonsense.”

No, that’s not what pro-lifers have been saying. They’ve been saying it will be the largest abortion mill in the Western Hemisphere. Can PP name a larger one?
[Photo via the Houston Chronicle]
UPDATE, 1/18, 11:40a: Fox Cable News is following the protest quite closely. Police just showed up. Crowd estimates per Fox are 3-4K pro-lifers and “a couple dozen” pro-abort protesters.
1/18, 10:24a: Fox Cable News just did a story on the pro-life protest today of Planned Parenthood’s new 6-story, 78K sq. ft. mega-mill in Houston, which I described last week.
The reporter read a statement by PP in response to complaints it is locating in the middle of a predominantly African-American, Hispanic area. Something in the statement grabbed my attention:

There is an increasing need for affordable health care in Houston and Harris County because we have more uninsured residents than any other area in the nation. Planned Parenthood is a vital part of the health care safety net. Women and men trust Planned Parenthood, and come from all over Houston and the surrounding areas for affordable care.

Savvy PR move. PP is attempting to shift blame for locating and aborting in generally minority neighborhoods on the excuse that they are uninsured. PP the humanitarian.
This sounds good, but even if true it makes no sense. Poor people have access to Medicaid and TItle X, both of which pay for everything PP peddles – from contraceptives to STD treatment – except abortion.
All this statement really does is reaffirm why PP wants abortion to be part of socialized healthcare – to cover their targeted clientele, thereby allowing PP to raise its prices, which it has been forced to keep artificially low for decades.
Meanwhile, 12 Fox is reporting as many as 5K pro-lifers are expected to converge on the new mill today.
Here’s a local ABC News report. Interesting that it leads off calling us “pro-life” and gives our side the bulk of the story’s time. PP’s script is well worn…

Here’s another news report from Fox 12 last night that is skewed almost totally toward the pro-life side…

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