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by Susie Allen, TN pro-life activist

  • Disability Matters wonders why the pro-euthanasia, pro-assisted suicide British press is “all atwitter” about the bizarre and tragic story of a mother now on trial for murdering her teenage son. Thomas Inglis was injured in an accident, and although doctors said he would regain some function, Frances Inglis became obsessed with killing him. She eventually succeeded after 2 bold attempts….
  • At his blog Coming Home (subtitled, “Science in service of the pro-life movement”). Dr. Gerard Nadal has an excellent post, “When scientists lie: The breast cancer-abortion link held hostage”:
  • Abortion is held out by women as an absolute good for women. If the epidemiological data suggest that abortion harms women, then why are these data being downplayed?…. Scientists are slow to relinquish their orthodoxies, especially those which have become woven into the fabric of the body politic.

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  • Big Blue Wave asks a provocative question: If a mother finds she is pregnant in the 3rd trimester but doesn’t want children, is she entitled to an abortion? This was asked in response to the ABC News story of a MI mother of 3 who didn’t realize she was pregnant until delivering a healthy 9# boy in her bathtub. Hear the 911 call.

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  • MInTheGap examines the story of Jacob in Genesis 32 and reminds us that sometimes when we stand for righteous, we stand alone:
  • Simply because there is a majority does not mean that the majority is right. Do we stand for what’s right, regardless of whether or not it’s popular?

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