2/6, 9:35a: Les for Life at the Passionate Pro-lifer thinks the black athlete ad is going to boomerang. I agree that at some level great or small the Planned Parenthoodsponsored video rebuttal to the Tebow ad has afforded us the opportunity to point out how abortion is decimating the black race in America.
2/4, 11:13a: Ack. I’ve decided there is nothing Planned Parenthood does that doesn’t make me sick. How’s that for a double negative?
PP has produced a 1:07 video in response to Tim and Pam Tebow’s upcoming Super Bowl ad, which I’ve reported on extensively.
CBS, abortion, Tebow, Planned Parenthood, RH Reality Check, pro-life, Focus on the Family, National ORganization for Women.jpgLet me 1st acknowledge PP is attempting the right PR tack, unlike other pro-abort groups such as Ms., NOW, and RH Reality Check, which combined forces to wage a counter-productive public war against CBS to try to stifle pro-life free speech.
I note neither PP nor its CEO, Cecile Richards, were part of that mob. Smart.
Now PP is jumping in, 1st with a well-written introductory video by Richards. Note she respects and lauds Pam Tebow, then seamlessly segues to promote abortion, of course without ever saying the word…

In the video Richards totally sidesteps the issue raised in the Tebow ad, that every preborn life has value, even in the midst of a crisis pregnancy. Richards uses that to laud freedom of choice. As I said, well-written.
Then we get to the PP video featuring former US Olympian Al Joyner and former MN Vikings football player Sean James. Both are black, and both were sadly ignorant pawns of an this racist group that predominantly targets blacks for abortion.
As the US’s largest abortion provider, PP is largely responsible for the fact that while African-Americans comprise only 12% of the population, they account for 35% of all abortions. Abortion is the largest annual killer of blacks.
Stupid, stupid men…

The video makes absolutely no sense for those with ears to hear. Again, no mention of the A-word.
James subtly attempts to portray Pam Tebow’s decision to carry Tim to term as something as unpleasant as abortion, a “difficult decision for her family.”
James pays tribute to his mother for “show[ing] me that women are strong and wise.” And that would include her right to have aborted him?
Joyner speaks glowingly of his daughter: “I want my daughter to live in a world where everyone’s decision is respected. My daughter will always be my little girl, but I am proud of her everyday as I watch her grow up to be her own person, a smart, confident young woman. I trust her to take care of herself.” And that would include potentially aborting his grandchildren?
James concludes with the most contradictory statement of all: “We’re working toward the day when every woman will be valued.” How does that jive with the fact that well over 50% of all abortions worldwide are of females?
PP, such a smooth operator.
maafa 21, planned parenthood, sean james, joyner, abortion, tebow, focus on the family.pngAll that said, pro-lifers have done a great job exposing PP for the slimy killing machine that it is. We must keep it up, for instance, by using this James/Joyner video to spotlight how abortion is causing the annihilation of the American black culture, thanks in large part to PP and its eugenicist founder Margaret Sanger.
Someone needs to set those guys down to watch Maafa 21.
[HT: carder]

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