Pro-aborts have a consistent dilemma.
obama with baby.jpgOn one hand they attempt to portray abortion as a serious moral matter. For instance, President Obama when speaking at Notre Dame last year, said, “Maybe we won’t agree on abortion, but we can still agree that this is a heart-wrenching decision for any woman to make, with both moral and spiritual dimensions.”…

That inevitably leads to the question, “Why?” What’s so “heart-wrenching” about abortion, with “moral and spiritual dimensions”? It isn’t heart-wrenching with moral and spiritual dimensions to have one’s gall bladder or appendix removed. What makes abortion different?
Other abortion proponents recognize it is a trap to allow oneself to speak of abortion in this way, so they remove all moral tones from speaking about it.
Such was the case in an email my friend Leslie recently received.
Tuesday, leslie.jpgLeslie authors The Passionate Pro-Lifer blog and is also involved in online pre-abort counseling.
Leslie had been attempting to get through to an abortion minded mother and forwarded me the stone cold outcome.
This email is all the more depraved because it came in response to Leslie’s forward of her post, “This one’s for you!,” commemorating her 2yo granddaughter Tuesday, pictured right, who died of cancer last year. Click letter to enlarge…
Leslie, abortion.png
As I said, pretty cold. This was a serial aborter who used it if her primary birth control failed, or if she failed to adhere to the regimen properly. And she used the death of Leslie’s granddaughter to rub in her decision.
Fortunately for our side, most of America recoils at the dispassionate depiction of abortion as moral-neutral or even morally positive.
Which makes it all the more difficult for the other side.
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