Reality Church, Ventura, California, abortion.pngPro-lifer Todd’s personal mission is to rouse mega-churches in the Ventura, CA, area to become more proactive in opposing abortion.
To that end Todd has been picketing those churches, holding 2 signs, pictured right….

Here is video of a conversation Todd had with 2 leaders outside Reality Ventura Church as he picketed there in November 2009. It’s very good, laying out the arguments from both sides. You may need earphones to hear the conversation, but it’s worth the trouble. (The continued conversation can be viewed here.)

Todd has met with leaders of his own mega-church 3x with a similar response as that seen in the preceding video. As Todd wrote, “They have no interest in pursuing doing anything about the abortion issue.”
Todd is now planning to up the ante by showing graphic photos of aborted babies outside of Ventura churches, beginning with his own. After warning his church leaders to shield classroom windows facing the street so children in Sunday School won’t see the images, Todd received this email response yesterday from one of the pastors:

Thank you, Todd, for sending me this email. It is unthinkable that you plan to display graphic images unfit for children in front of the church where my own children can see them from their Sunday school classrooms.
What’s worse is that you blame God for your actions. Of course I will share your email with leadership, but I want to be clear that I consider your anti-Church activism to be idolatry and your pre-meditated actions anti-Christ and anti-Gospel in nature. I do not dislike you personally, but I have no tolerance for your anti-church actions and I fear you are being lead down a clearly anti-Christ path, coming against the preaching of the gospel and worship in Ventura in the name of activism.
I want to express again our [name of church] heart for reconciliation and strong desire for your family to return to fellowship. While we completely agree with and share your heart for the unborn, we maintain the previously communicated position that divisive church picketing is not consistent with our Biblical understanding of fellowship, Christ-centered evangelism, or our calling to be the Body of Christ in the city of Ventura. We see your picketing activities as unbiblical, unloving, and anti-gospel; and as a church we are called to confront, warn, and remove divisive individuals (Titus 3:9-10).
Our goal as a Church is to obey and imitate Christ. We do this in fellowship and in agreement according to the Bible by the leading of the Holy Spirit. We urge you to prayerfully consider [name of church’s] position. At one time your family was in fellowship but silent about what the Lord had apparently put on your heart regarding the unborn. Now you are out of fellowship and picketing churches from the street, adding to the host of condemning voices Christians endure each day. We invite you to stop your divisive anti-Church activism and return to fellowship.
Love in Christ,

I think more of Todd’s sort of activism is coming as the patience of pro-lifers wears thin with churches that are lukewarm on abortion, particularly those wielding a great deal of influence.
What are your thoughts as pro-life activists becoming more confrontational with churches, maybe your own?

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