Twice the last 3 days I’ve heard Bart Stupak claim, as he did on Greta Van Susteren’s show last night:

Van Susteren: Both sides – both sides think that – my word – you’re the villain.

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Stupak: Yes. Well, that – I guess that must mean I did a good job, I got both sides mad at me. That means – that means I got good legislation….

Well, no. Pro-aborts have always disliked Stupak. But had he stuck to his guns, they would have been the only ones. Stupak’s flip also drew the wrath of pro-lifers….

About Democrat pro-lifers Stupak told the New York Times on January 7, “We’re members without a party.”
Ironically, Stupak’s vote got him into the good graces of his party, and now the party is all Stupak has left to help him win his next election… maybe. Will Obama and Pelosi really back “pro-life” Stupak over a pro-abort woman? Because that is one of his new opponents. Shaky.
Planned Parenthood and NARAL just came out with a joint endorsement of Stupak’s pro-abort Democrat primary opponent, who only joined the race because of his initial pro-life stand on the healthcare bill.
PP NARAL Stupak opponent.png
On our side Stupak lost a lot when squandering Right to Life of MI’s powerful endorsement. Now his strongest pro-life opponent is gaining strength.
benishek pro-life.pngPro-life Dr. Dan Benishek is the National Republican Congressional Committee’s favorite as well as a mix of pro-lifers and healthcare opponents. (I don’t yet know if Benishek is 100% pro-life. I only know what is on his Facebook page and web page. Am checking.)
According to The Daily Caller:

When Dan Benishek ‘s campaign caught fire this week, after Rep. Bart Stupak, the pro-life Michigan Democrat voted for the health-care bill after adamantly opposing it on the grounds that it would provide federal funding for abortions, Benishek’s only presence on the web was a Facebook page with 700 fans. Shortly thereafter, he created a crude web page. Then the media coverage started.


Now Benishek has a professional campaign website and 20,771 Facebook fans.
An NRCC official, asked about reports that Benishek is the favorite among national Republicans, told The Daily Caller that, “At this point, the nomination is his to lose.“…
“We’ve been very impressed with Dan Benishek’s ability to raise money and establish a foothold in the online community,” the official said.

That’s what compromise on the life issue will get a politician. Enemies on both sides.
Again, the pro-life issue cannot be compromised.

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