Voice of Fetus 27 week baby press conference.pngUPDATE, 7:58a: Elisha Soman, Exec. Dir. of Voice of Nepal, just sent me additional information, including VOF’s 1st newsletter

as well as news that a Kathmandu hospital has saved the youngest baby ever there

, 27 weeks, which is now relatively standard in the U.S.
In Nepal, comparing this preemie to those 6 late-term aborted babies, 1 of which certainly was older than their little survivor, will be a shock to the collective soul.
We’ve lost some of that in America. We all have something to teach one another. Elisha has requested our prayers.
Nepal, abortion, babies 1.png
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6:49a: According to Nepal News on January 6…

At least 6 human fetuses were found near the banks of Bishumati River in… Kathmandu on Wednesday, leading authorities to suspect of foul play by private hospitals involved in illegal abortion.

Nepal, aborted baby 2.png

The fetuses were found wrapped in a polythene bag…. Eyewitnesses said that the fetuses could be anywhere from 4 to 5 months.
Police suspect private hospitals and clinics involved in illegal abortion to have disposed off [sic] the fetuses and said that they have started an investigation into the case.
Abortion has been legalized in Nepal few years ago [2002]. But some private clinics in the country have been found to offer cheap abortion related services without following proper guidelines, putting at risk the life of the patients.

Nepal, aborted baby 2 older.pngAnother report stated the babies looked anywhere from 4 to 8 months, which is more like it. Click to enlarge photo on right to see what I mean.
That report also stated 3 of the babies were boys, 2 were girls, and 1 was too damaged to identify.
Voice of Fetus quote from Elisha, abortion.pngNews of the macabre find sparked the formation of Nepal’s 1st ever pro-life organization, Voice of Fetus, and a protest on February 14.
American pro-lifers may not realize pro-lifers worldwide watch our efforts and attempt to emulate them. We help embolden them.
See more photos of the rally here

. Note many of the signs are ours.

Nepal rally, Proverbs 24.png
According to Created4Life.org, an international pro-life organization that is helping Voice of Fetus and others get their start, the group has been given 40 minutes and will have a “huge presentation” at Kathmandu’s International Women’s Day celebration on March 8.
[Special thanks to Monte at StandForLife.net and Alan at Created4Life.org for their help in gathering information for this post.]

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