Keeping abortion legal is harder than people think. The courts must always be on guard since legalized abortion is an aberrancy in the law, defying logic, common sense, and morality, and running contrary to all other laws protecting innocent human life.
amy stephenson.jpgKilling innocent preborns, either intentionally or unintentionally, is increasingly illegal in almost all circumstances except abortion. Of course, killing innocent postborns of any age is always illegal.
The following story about Amy Stephenson, pictured right, demonstrates the hoops courts will jump to keep abortion separate from all other murders, particularly of newborns. To even suggest the desire to kill one’s preborn baby may translate to killing the same postborn baby is anathema….

And since the law of the land maintains it is perfectly normal for a mother to kill her preborn baby, to compare that in any way to the homicide of her postborn baby is enough to throw a solid case out of court.
One other point, after 40 years of legalized and supposedly legitimized abortion, the word and the act are still assumed to connotate adverse reactions.
And so the Miami Herald reported yesterday:
key largo, abortion.png

Amy Stephenson, who has served 2 years of a 25-year sentence for letting her baby girl Jasmine starve to death in her home in Key Largo, may get a new trial.
The 3rd District Court of Appeal ruled Wednesday that while there was sufficient evidence to support the guilty verdict for aggravated manslaughter of a child, Stevenson did not get a fair trial.
The reason: The prosecution prejudiced the 12-person jury against Stephenson by questioning her about contemplating an abortion while she was pregnant with her daughter and emphasizing that point in closing arguments.

Senior Judge Alan Schwartz wrote in the opinion that abortion is one of the most inflammatory issues of our time, “and, more important, that one who takes or even approves of this course is very adversely regarded by many in our society.”
The FL Attorney General’s Office is likely to file a motion for rehearing within 30 days. If the appellate court denies the rehearing or affirms the decision, the case will come back to Monroe Co. for retrial….
In the meantime, Stephenson, now 29, will remain behind bars at the Broward Correctional Institution….
Stephen’s 3rd child, Jasmine Marie Thomas, entered the world 3 months prematurely in 2005, weighing 1 pound, 3 ounces.
But after 6 months in the hospital, with care that included heart surgery and 8 eye operations, Jasmine came home weighing a little more than 8 pounds and looking like a newborn with chubby cheeks.
7 months later, Jasmine was dead from malnutrition. She was 13 months old. She weighed 6 pounds, 9 ounces.
The jury in Key West gasped in horror when they saw autopsy photos that showed bones protruding from her wrinkled skin and fatless body.
Prosecutors said the person responsible was her stay-at-home mother, Stephenson, who failed to take the child to doctor appointments, give her needed medicine and oxygen or feed her properly.
The jury took 90 minutes to come back with a guilty verdict for the 1st-degree felony….
The opinion stated that the decision to reverse the 25-year sentence and give Stephenson a new trial was based solely on the “fundamental error” of bringing up her contemplation of abortion.
Catherine Vogel, who tried the case for the Monroe Co. SA’s Office… said… “I believe that if a mother doesn’t want to have a child, that’s relevant in determining whether or not they would be neglectful. But it was such a fleeting question and fleeting comment.”
During the 7-day trial, the issue was brought up once during Vogel’s cross-examination of Stephenson and briefly in her closing argument.
Q: You had thought about terminating your pregnancy; is that correct?
A: When I first learned I was pregnant.
Q: And that’s part of the reason you had late prenatal care; isn’t that correct?
A: No.
In closing, Vogel said: “Then, of course, the defendant testified. She admitted at first she was ambivalent about whether or not she wanted this baby at all.”
The appellate court’s ruling stated the prosecutor exacerbated the prejudicial testimony in final argument, which was “probably unnecessary given the quantity of incriminating evidence in the record.”
Vogel said she was surprised to learn about the appeal’s court reversal considering that Stephenson’s defense team did not object during the trial.

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