WARNING: Disturbing and graphic
CNN reported today on RapeLay, a Japanese video game that just went viral:

The game begins with a teenage girl on a subway platform. She notices you are looking at her and asks, “Can I help you with something?”
That is when you, the player, can choose your method of assault….

With the click of your mouse, you can grope her and lift her skirt. Then you can follow her aboard the train, assaulting her sister and her mother.
As you continue to play, “friends” join in and in a series of graphic, interactive scenes, you can corner the women, rape them again and again.
The game allows you to even impregnate a girl and urge her to have an abortion….
But the controversy that led to stopping sales of the game instead took it viral….

I wondered why abortion would be included in such a game. Wasn’t it shocking enough? Apparently pregnancy and abortion are recent additions – to increase the shock value. Because abortion is gross, just like rape. It wouldn’t be shocking to be impregnated by rape and deliver a beautiful baby. A reviewer wrote:

An interesting wildcard – and by interesting I mean “horrid” – is… there is a chance she will become pregnant. If she does become pregnant you’re supposed to force her to get an abortion, otherwise she gets more and more visibly pregnant each time you have sex. If you allow the child to be born then the woman will throw you in front of a train! Take that pro-life movement!…
Defining Moment…. Pregnancy and abortion are new twists on this filthy genre, and they were disturbing, but they still don’t quite win out. No, the winner on this one are the tears that glisten and move in the little girl’s eyes. That sort of attention to detail wins this game a huge pile of disturbing points.

So pregnancy and abortion in a rape video game were not quite the most disturbing element. That one of the rape victims was a child won out.
Then again, abortion is an unvanquished conquest to others playing RapeLay. From a message board (click to enlarge; “broke” means the rape victims starts liking it)…
Why am I even reporting this stuff? It messes up the head just to know some of the depth of depravity out there – and accepted in some circles.
I don’t know. I think some pro-lifers don’t really understand who we’re up against, how important abortion is to satan, how powerful a part abortion plays in the world’s spiral downward. Even I am still naive, I’m sure. I don’t get all of it or even much of it. I know we win in the end, but I’m not sure we realize how hard we’re called to fight – and pray.
I also want to note that while liberals say on one hand vile music, books, magazines, images, tv and movies don’t entice people to do evil, on the other, when it comes to something like RapeLay, “Women’s rights groups say they are so offensive and harmful to society that they should be banned,” according to the Huffington Post.
That’s only because they consider rape and forced abortions over the line. They admit the obvious connection when something offends them.
[HT: Alex R.]

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