From the Associated Press, April 18:

Talk about a birthday party.

steven ambrose 2.png

Evelia Rivera spent her 25th birthday at a suburban Chicago hospital delivering her triplet sons: Jayden Edwin, Jordan Michael and Julian Kobe.
But turns out that wasn’t enough of a celebration.
Dr. Steven Ambrose [pictured right] who helped perform the Cesarean section on Wednesday at Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn was celebrating his birthday too….

Rivera says at first she thought the doctor was joking, but soon staff at the hospital starting wishing him a happy birthday.
Her husband, Edwin Rivera, says they all thought the coincidence was “pretty cool,” but the Chicago couple has more important things to focus on.
Evelia Rivera could be released from the hospital as soon as Sunday and the boys will likely come home next month.

Ah, Steven Ambrose. I know him well.
This is a heartwarming story, but there is another side to Ambrose. Ambrose was the OB/GYN Dept. chairman while I worked there. He was one of the few who committed induced labor abortions.
Ambrose was Catholic. Monica Miller and I leafleted his church once, much to his consternation. He walked right behind us, removing the leaflets as quickly as we placed them on parishioners’ windshields.
Don’t know if Ambrose still aborts. But pregnant mothers should be aware that the same hands that bring life may also bring death. Mothers should always ask.
No justice, no peace.
[HT: proofreader Laura Loo; photo via]

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