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by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN

  • Wesley Smith comments on the “duty to die” movement that is taking hold, not with those on “Main Street,” but with those who are “big brained in the intelligentsia.”
  • Gerard Nadal examines a report on the impact of fatherlessness in America….

  • LaShawn Barber shines a light on the Moynihan report, 45 years after it “sounded the alarm about the rising rates of illegitimacy in the black community”:
  • The collapse of the black family, he contended, would have devastating social consequences. Branded a racist for merely stating facts, [Sen. Daniel Patrick] Moynihan was drummed into silence.
    As we all know, Moynihan was vindicated. Today, only a third of black children are born to married parents. Over 70% are born outside wedlock….

  • Generations for Life notes a recent LifeNews report that a pro-life student group has finally gained recognition at the University of Auckland in NZ:
  • … [T]heir members first had to get a discriminatory school policy overturned:

    Since 2002, anyone wanting to start a pro-life club on campus has had only one opportunity every 365 days, at an annual general meeting, to try and gain official club status, whereas any other club simply had to apply at a Student Forum, which takes place weekly.

    But now some “pro-choice” students have taken to Facebook and are working to get the club de-affiliated.

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