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Last week the FL legislature passed HB 1143, a bill that would require ultrasound viewing for women seeking1st-trimester abortions and would permit FL to opt-out of covering abortions as required by the federal health care bill….

Now the bill awaits the signature of Gov. Charlie Crist (I-Flip Flop). Enter Republican Senate candidate Marco Rubio, who publicly gave Crist the pro-life nudge:

It is my hope that Gov. Crist will come down on the side of life, and sign HB 1143 into law, or at least allow it to become law without his signature. This commonsense measure is a small but important step toward providing women with vital information during perhaps the most critical health care decision they will ever make.
… [T]his legislation will also allow FL to opt out of the abortion coverage mandate in the federal health care overhaul which was recently passed. If Gov. Crist vetoes this legislation, he will clear the way for taxpayer funding of abortion in FL, an extreme policy which runs contrary to the mainstream values most Floridians share.
The reality is that this legislation will save lives, and I hope that fact alone will outweigh any concerns Gov. Crist may have.

cristcharlie.jpgPro-lifers in FL need not hold their breath. The Miami Herald reported the intense pressure Gov. Crist (pictured right) faces from pro-abortion forces. Dan McConchie of Americans United for Life Action notified via email the odds stacked against the unborn:

Press reports indicate that 80% of the calls and emails into Gov. Crist’s office so far are asking him to veto this important bill.

Not one to take the Governor’s veto for granted, pro-choice State senator Eleanor Sobel (DHollywood) whispered sweet nothings in Crist’s ear, as she relayed her encounter to the Palm Beach Post blog:

“I think it looks positive for a veto, but it’s not over ’til he vetoes it,” Sobel said. “I actually went up and whispered in his ear…. It means a lot to the women in this state.”

Live in Florida? Contact Governor Crist and urge him to sign HB 1143 into law. By phone: 850-488-7146; by fax: 850-487-0801.
[Rubio photo via ChicagoNow; Crist photo via TampaBay]

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