I’ve written several times since February 2009 about the University of Wisconsin Madison Hospital’s plans to begin committing late-term abortions after the city’s lone late-term abortionist moved on.
Pro-lifers on both the inside and outside of the hospital pitched a fit. For instance, WI Right to Life ran 3 ads in the WI State Journal aimed at UW Madison’s weak spots after getting hold of some of their inter-office emails. Here’s 1 (click to enlarge):
WIRTL ad 2.jpg
Well, today the Alliance Defense Fund, which has been giving legal help to WI pro-lifers, issued this welcome statement…

ADF obtained a letter Friday from the WI Department of Justice stating that the UW Hospitals and Clinics has abandoned its plans to provide full-service, second-trimester abortion services in a jointly operated facility.

This is great news!
ADF attorneys had sent the WI DOJ a couple letters requesting an investigation of UWMH for potentially violating the conscience rights of pro-life employees. ADF also questioned the legality of UWMH’s decision-making process, which appeared clandestine.
After the DOJ asked UWMH for a response, UWMH blinked and backed away.
Congrats to WI pro-lifers! The U of WI Madison is a quite radical place. This is an über victory.
[HT: Steve Brody of Dubuque Co. Right to Life]

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