summit locations abortion.pngOperation Rescue is reporting this afternoon that Beacon’s Women Center in Montgomery, AL, has closed.
An AL Dept. of Public Health source informed OR that Beacon, one of Summit Medical Center’s chain of 7 mills, decided to shutter its doors rather than face a revocation hearing after being placed on probation in 2007 for numerous violations.
OR reports this leaves only 6 abortion mills in AL, which is great news.
Meanwhile, recall I reported May 30 that the Feminist Majority Foundation had issued a strange email requesting donations for the last standing abortion mill in MS, Jackson Women’s Health Organization, claiming “Extremists are trying to shut down this vital women’s clinic,” and that half of any donations received would “go directly to the clinic to help pay for enhanced security measures.”…

I wondered if this was a sign JWHO was in financial trouble and in danger of closing, since for whatever reason it needed an infusion of cash, meaning it wasn’t making enough money to allow for improvements, or it was mishandling its income.
Well, yesterday FMF issued another email appeal along the same lines, stating, “Your emergency contribution will help keep the only remaining abortion clinic in MS open and safe,” and that the mill “needs immediate help.”
It stated donations from the previous appeal, which must not have amounted to much, went for “an improvement” to the mill’s security system. This appeal is again “to pursue legal strategies” and now to make “additional enhancements” to the security system.
The email begins by relaying an incident I can find no proof of in any news story online. Click to enlarge…..
jackson womens health center email.png
Something’s up. Pray for JWHO’s closure, which would save thousands of lives of MS babies and also be a huge blow to the abortion industry.
I still can’t imagine the industry letting this mill go down, but we shall see.

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