The New York Times reported on June 8:
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So far only Planned Parenthood clinics in IA use this [RU-486 telemed abortion] method, but around the country, abortion providers have begun asking how they might replicate the concept.

I don’t necessarily believe it’s true that RU-486 telemed abortions are confined to IA at this point. Adding fuel to my fire is the article below that Pro-Life WI has dug up, posted by The Business Journal of Milwaukee on July 10, 2009….

Takeaways: The telemedicine system has been in place at WI Planned Parenthoods and paid for with tax dollars for 2 years, the same length of time PP of the Heartland has been committing telemed abortions.
Wide scale PP collusion on telemed abortions for quite awhile is not only possible but probable. I expect many more PPs around the country have been girding for them with government grants, funding telemed systems under the guise of needing them to dispense birth control pills.
terri huyck ceo pp wi.jpgFurthermore, Teri Huyck, the new CEO of PP of WI, is definitely one not to be trusted if she says WI PPs haven’t started committing telemed abortions. Huyck was instrumental in the Aurora PP cover-up.
Here are key excerpts from that BJM story:

Since there aren’t enough primary care physicians or nurse practitioners to get to all of the patients, Planned Parenthood of WI is bringing the patients to them.
The organization, which provides health care to about 70k men and women a year at 28 clinics across the state, has begun investing in telemedicine, a high-tech way for the patient and clinician to communicate via video phone….

PP clinics, particularly those in rural areas, are often staffed by people who do not have a medical license. Those employees are not allowed to do patient assessments so patients are turned away if there isn’t a licensed clinician working that particular day.
Delaying a visit could result in a patient’s condition getting worse or a delay in getting birth control, which could result in an unintended pregnancy, Burnett said.
The video phones, which are the size of a laptop computer, are at 10 PP locations – Racine, Delavan, Waukesha, Fond du Lac, West Bend, Portage, 2 clinics in Madison and clinics in Milwaukee on Mitchell Street and WI Avenue….
The 10 locations were chosen because they are the organization’s Title 10 clinics, which means they receive funding from the federal government. PP’s other centers are either state-funded or self-sustaining.
A federal grant paid for the video phones, which cost $15,000 each, including the infrastructure needed to operate the phone.
The video phones are used by clinicians to do consultations with patients and to order medication. If a patient needs immediate medical attention and a clinician cannot get to them, they are referred to the emergency room, Burnett said….
PP of WI piloted the telemedicine program in March 2008 at 3 clinics….. The equipment for the pilot project was paid for with a grant from the Public Service Commission of WI.
PP is looking for additional grants to pay for phones in the remaining 18 clinics, since the clinician shortage is expected to worsen, Burnett said….
While there are no specific regulations with telemedicine,…

Pro-Life WI has confirmed there are no WI statutes in place that would prohibit the WI abortion industry from committing telemed abortions. Pro-Life WI is currently working with the Alliance Defense Fund to learn whether WI PPs are and have been committing telemed RU-486 abortions.
[Top photo via The New York Times; bottom photo via The Business Journal of Milwaukee]

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