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  • A NC abortion clinic will stop performing abortions after this Saturday. The clinic was owned by Susan Hill, an abortion advocate who died earlier this year.
  • A teenager in Malaysia has died after having an abortion.
  • A study by U of IA researchers has found that women seeking elective abortion experience high rates of partner violence. Planned Parenthood of the Heartland participated in the study and Penny Dickey, their chief operating officer, was a study co-author…
  • “Women seeking termination of pregnancy comprise a particularly high-risk group for physical or sexual assault,” said Audrey Saftlas, UI professor of epidemiology and lead author of the study. “In our study, almost 14% of women receiving an abortion reported at least one incident of physical or sexual abuse in the past year….
    The study was the first to comprehensively evaluate battering among abortion clients, with 8.4% of those in a current relationship screening positive for battering.

  • Wesley Smith reports on Jack Kevorkian’s admission to Larry King that he killed his first victim, Janet Adkins. Smith writes:
  • So, Kevorkian has admitted he’s a repeat murderer. Technically, since there is no statute of limitations for murder, he could be prosecuted for Atkins’ homicide. Instead, he’ll keep getting high level interviews, movies made about him starring Al Pacino, and $50k speaking fees at state funded universities. We sure do have a twisted love for outlaws in this country.

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