The title of NARAL president Nancy Keenan’s email this afternoon piqued my interest, “An ad no woman should see.”
naral prc 6.png
What would that be? Egad!…

… an ad for a pregnancy care center, horrors! Click to enlarge…
naral prc 666.png
I check and can find no ad for “Problem Pregnancy Inc.” on or Nevertheless, it is perfectly legitimate and advisable to post a prc ad under the “Abortion Information and Referral Services” category. This is not a listing under “abortion services,” as Keenan states.
The word “feminism” is much in the news these days, and Keenan’s email is a caricature for liberal feminist hysteria. How embarrassing. We’re talking about organizations that help mothers in crisis pregnancies carry their babies to term in every way imaginable – and FREE. What truly “pro-choice” group wouldn’t support that?
NARAL’s letter to Yellow Pages and Super Pages states:

To date, we have identified approximately 112 anti-choice organizations advertising under “Abortion Services” on and, even though the directories have a category called “Abortion Alternatives.” We have verified that none of the 112 anti-choice organizations provides or refers for abortion services.

Egad again! 112 out of 4,000 – throughout the entire United States! And I’d like to see Keenan’s list. Don’t trust and verify.
And does Keenan mean to say abortion mills don’t belong in the “Abortion Alternatives” category? Well, looky what I found in the span of 5 minutes:
abortion alternatives 2.png
I don’t think it would take that much longer to find 109 more abortion mills posing as “Abortion Alternatives” if we want to play that game. (I confirmed that all 3 listings committed abortions, fyi.) I’ll support all prcs listed under “Abortion Services” moving to “Abortion Alternatives” if Keenan supports moving all abortion mills doing vice versa.
And “unregulated storefronts”? Do you really want to go there, Nancy? Are you saying you support regulation? Let’s start here in IL, where nail salons and roofers are more regulated than abortion mills.

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