I wrote last week that Rev. Pat Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition was planning to challenge the constitutionality of a fence Planned Parenthood located 4 blocks from the White House in Washington, DC, had erected around what is thought to be public property.
The City denied Mahoney a permit to protest and pray in front of the mill today, but he went anyway…
rev mahoney 1.png
Next, according to Congress.org this afternoon…

For years, anti-abortion groups have stood outside [the] PP… making last-minute attempts to stop women from having abortions….
Then PP built a fence around and put up signs saying trespassers are not allowed on the lawn outside the building. They received a city permit to do so, but anti-abortion groups say that lawn and the walkway leading up to the clinic are public property….
Police arrested Mahoney for unlawful entry, but not before calling their superiors to determine that the fenced area is private property….

rev mahoney slide 2.png

As media crews filmed Mahoney’s arrest, PP workers pointed video cameras out of the building to do the same….

rev mahoney slide 3.png

“We’re not blocking what they want to say. We’re preventing them from trespassing onto private property,” said Diane Quest, a PP spokeswoman. She said the fence was built to protect patients….
Mahoney plans to sue the city saying that his First Amendment rights are being violated and issue a national call for activists to come pray inside the fence.
“This is just the beginning,” he said….

See good coverage, including video, of the arrest at Bound4Life.com. See photos and read more coverage at the Rock for Life blog.
Rev. Mahoney’s lawyer just notified Erik Whittington of R4L that he was being released from jail.
[Still shots via video at Bound4Life.com]

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