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  • There are pro-choicers who are mad about the Obama administration’s decision on high risk insurance and then there’s Rebecca Sive at RH Reality Check. She’s really mad.
  • A NC minister named Ronnie Wallace was recently arrested for preaching on a ladder outside an abortion clinic…
  • “I get there about 7:30 a.m. every Saturday, and the police are already there waiting for me, but I started speaking about racism and how it is coming back to this country, and I guess the police didn’t like to hear that,” Wallace said.

  • A man in Great Britain wants the state to give his wife permission to kill him. Tony Nicklinson has locked-in syndrome and communicates by blinking his eyes and nodding his head.
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  • In a victory for pro-life student clubs in Canada, the University of Victoria’s Youth Protecting Youth settled a lawsuit they had filed against their university after they were denied funding and lost their club standing:
  • Under the agreement, the anti-abortion group received more than $700 it should have been paid over the last 2 years. Youth Protecting Youth was also formally reinstated as a club, and the students’ society revised its policies to expunge the sections that targeted anti-abortion groups.

    The group had its funding cut after posting what I believe were some Feminists for Life posters (shocking, I know) and hosting a debate. Weak-minded pro-choicers complained and the student society declared the debate harassment. James Coccola, the student society chair, wouldn’t admit any wrongdoing and he shows that he has no understanding of free speech:

    Coccola conceded universities should welcome free speech, but insisted there are limits.
    “There are ways of phrasing messages that don’t come across as negative to people,” he said.

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