Examiner.com is reporting an interesting, sad story this morning:

A founding member of the German girl band No Angels confessed that she had unprotected sex with several individuals without telling to them she was HIV-positive and without giving her partners the option of using protection.

The beautiful Nadja Benaissa, 28, addressed the court during her trial in Darmstadt, Germany, claiming she was sorry for infecting her sexual partners….

Benaissa had been arrested and charged with attempted bodily harm for having sex intercourse with 2 men. She was also charged with grievous bodily harm of a 3rd whom she allegedly did infect, according to police officials.

Benaissa faces up to 10 years in prison if she’s convicted of all charges.

While admitting she indulged in unprotected sex during the opening of her trial, Benaissa told the court that she didn’t wish to infect her sex partners. Prosecutors, however, contend that Benaissa knew she was HIV-positive since 1999.

One of her lovers, who is scheduled to testify against her in the case, and who tested positive for the HIV-virus, has alleged that the singer infected him in 2004.

Critically acclaimed, the No Angels has won numerous music awards in the early 2000s, including a World Music Awards and 2 Comets. The group has a large following in the US, as well….

The other side avoids spotlighting stories like this, which draws attention to the tragic consequences of illicit, irresponsible sex.

Sure, Benaissa should have told her partners she was HIV+, but is it her fault they were equally irresponsible and didn’t wear condoms? (And I wonder if, for all the safety condoms are touted to bring, most men would have even have “protected” sex with an HIV+ partner.)

And had Benaissa turned up pregnant and decided not to abort, the father would have been monetarily responsible for their child’s upbringing.

Such weird double and triple standards when it comes to sexual “freedom.”

And what about “comprehensive sex ed”? The other side likes to blame abstinence ed for all sexual oopsies, when in actuality most people who sexually screw (pardon the pun) up, are fully aware.

There is no upside to illicit sex other than fleeting physical satisfaction (sometimes).

But there sure are a lot of downsides. I wonder what Benaissa would do with a do-over.

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