Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN

  • Flash Point examines the latest sound bite from actress Jennifer Aniston, who, in promoting her upcoming movie, stated women no longer need men to bear and raise children, thanks to artificial insemination.

  • SuzyB allows us to follow their bus trip in pictures and videos as they travel to key states exposing those who proclaim to be pro-life but voted for Obamacare. You can tell how successful they are by their enemies. At one stop, “Catholics United, a George Soros funded group who supported the new healthcare reform bill without real pro-life language” came out to protest their presence.
  • Wesley J. Smith points out “…once a society accepts killing as an acceptable answer to human suffering, the idea of placing meaningful limits… becomes very difficult logically.”
    • LiveAction writes the study of preborn fetal development provides a strong case for their protection, if we could get beyond “irrational emotions and personal philosophies” that surround their demise.
    • Real Choice outlines the story of Ying Chen, 30, who died a year ago from complications suffered during an abortion performed by troubled abortionist Andrew Rutland of CA. The cause of death has been changed from accidental to homicide. The case will be reviewed by the CA Medical Board in 2011 along with other charges against him.
    • Pro Life Action League is optimistic that new Catholic Campaign for Human Development director, Rey Flores, will correct past abuses and dubious funding within the organization. In the past, the CCHD has come under fire for funding abortion, contraception, same-sex “marriage,” and legalized prostitution. Recently, the group has given grants toward sidewalk counseling, PRCs, and abstinence education.
    • Fr. Frank Pavone reminds us to talk about positive pro-life news. One such example: the Russian Federation delegation at a UN meeting highlighted a 2 year program to “prevent abortion and the protection of life,” reporting the birth rate is now exceeding the abortion rate for the first time in decades.
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