Last week I reported several pro-life voting trends and triumphs (here, here, and here). From an August 10 Pew poll comes another.

Pew asked registered voters which of 13 key issues were “very important.”  While “abortion” ranked near the bottom, still more than 4 in 10 thought it was important.

Key, though, is that Republican voters, presumably primarily pro-life, care 14% more than Democrat voters, presumably primarily pro-abortion, about the Life issue. On the same-sex marriage issue, Republicans cared 11% more than Democrats:

Every election cycle MSM attempts to downplay the relevance of the social conservative vote.  This year is no different. But it appears that in 2010 the socially conservative candidate has a distinct edge in 2010 over the socially liberal candidate.

I’m waiting for MSM to write about that.

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