Supposedly pro-life SC Sen. Lindsey Graham was 1 of 5 Republicans who voted to confirm Elena Kagan to the US Supreme Court. (The others being Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe of ME, Judd Gregg of NH, and Richard Lugar of IN.)

In so doing, CNS News reported August 6 Graham invoked Jesus Christ and the Golden Rule

As CNS reminded readers:

As an associate counsel in the Clinton White House, Kagan was an architect of the legal and political strategy… [he] used in vetoing the ban on partial-birth abortion. Her nomination by President Barack Obama in May was instantly endorsed by Planned Parenthood….

Sen. Graham said he expected [Kagan] to follow a voting pattern “similar” to Justice John Paul Stevens whom she will replace. In his more than 3 decades on the court, Justice Stevens persistently backed the position that there is a constitutional right to abortion.

So given his whacked out logic, I expect Graham would have opposed Jesus turning over the tables of the money changers, who He said had turned His Father’s house into a “den of thieves.”

After all, using Graham’s interpretation of the Golden Rule, what merchant would want his or her wares and cash box strewn?

In fact, by voting to confirm Kagan, Graham has further helped the United States’ den of preb0rn murderers.

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