As I’ve often said, such reports as the following are usually only found in UK newspapers. US mainstream media is too afraid pro-lifers like me will latch on to miracle preemie survival stories like this to reiterate the humanity of the preborn. From The Telegraph, September 28…

Lexi Lacey [pictured above] was born 14 weeks early weighing just 14 ounces and her parents were told she had a 10% chance of survival.

Medics had to use the smallest insulating jacket they could find – a 15cm plastic sandwich bag from the kitchens at Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

Lexi is now 11-week-olds old and weighs 5lbs 6oz.

Her mother Chelsea Rowberry, 17, said: “The doctors told us they had never known a baby born as prematurely as Lexi survive.

“She was so tiny the only thing they had to keep her body temperature warm was a sandwich bag from the hospital canteen – it’s incredible to think that saved her life….

Miss Rowberry and her partner Lee Lacey, 24, feared she was having a miscarriage when she suffered agonising stomach pains when she was 26 weeks pregnant on the evening of June 26.

She rang the maternity suite at Worcestershire Royal Hospital… but was told it was nothing to worry about and to go back to sleep….

”Then a few hours later I had really bad cramps and mum rang an ambulance.”…

Worcestershire Royal Hospital only has the facilities to care for premature babies born from 28 weeks onwards and doctors wanted to transfer her to a specialist unit at Birmingham’s Heartlands Hospital but there wasn’t time….

Lexi was finally allowed home on September 3.

Lexi weighed a .5 ounces less than a can of green beans when born. Congrats to her family. Lexi is truly a miracle survivor, since the hospital that initially cared for her was not equipped to handle micro preemies.

Often such hospitals will not even attempt to save these babies. I wonder if because Lexi was delivered by ambulance personnel who did all they could to save her that the hospital felt forced to continue care.† Every so often I receive heartbreaking letters from parents who had to helplessly watch their baby or babies die because the hospital wouldn’t do anything, claiming inadequate medical equipment and/or untrained staff. Fortunately, the medics knew no better.

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