DFWCatholic.org reported on September 27:

Notorious abortionist Romeo Ferrer [pictured right] is closing his Severna Park, MD, abortion facility after a 10-year campaign from dedicated pro-life organizations and the suspension of his medical license by the MD Board of Physicians….

Ferrer had recruited another MD doctor, Ghevont Wartanian, to continue the killing of innocent pre-born babies at his [Gynecare Center in] Severna Park… after Ferrer’s license was suspended for professional malfeasance.

Wartanian, who has been sued over 18 times for malpractice and negligence, is no stranger to controversy. Lawsuits blamed Wartanian for incidents ranging from the death of newborn babies to causing brain damage and a host of other medical mistakes.

It appears Wartanian, a doctor of obstetrics and gynecology, has abandoned the idea of supplementing his income by child killing.

Wartanian contacted Gynecare one day after the 40-Day for Life vigil was moved to his Glen Burnie, MD, OB-GYN medical practice. He instructed Gynecare to cancel all of his existing appointments, and informed them he would not be returning to the facility.

The backstory on that last paragraph from Operation Rescue:

[On September 22] Wartanian met with pro-life leader Michael Martelli of Living Hope for Life, who had moved a scheduled prayer vigil to Wartanian’s private office where no abortions are done, hoping to persuade him to stop abortions at Ferrer’s clinic. After a cordial 45-minute discussion, Wartanian agreed to stop doing abortions effective immediately. He called Gynecare, cancelled his existing appointments, and told the clinic he would not be coming back.

With no one to replace Wartanian, Ferrer has permanently closed Gynecare. The clinic telephone plays a recording informing callers of the closure and asking them to call back periodically for “future developments.” The recording tells women seeking abortion appointments to refer to the phone book or Internet.

However, the office space occupied by Gynecare has been listed as available for leasing, confirming Wartanian’s claim to Martelli that the closure is permanent.

Here’s more from the 40 Days for Life blog. So 40 Days pro-lifers exposing Wartanian as an abortionist at his nonaborting office are apparently what pressured him to back away from helping Ferrer. That’s wonderful. No justice, no peace.

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