Usually industry leaders love to be known as industry leaders.

So I don’t understand why Planned Parenthood and pro-aborts have such a problem embracing the fact PP is far and away the United States’ largest abortion business. What’s the problem? If abortion is such a great right, and that which is being aborted is only a blob of cells anyway, akin to an internal wart, why not welcome PP’s abortion stats?

But yesterday at RH Reality Check, cpc_watcher, i.e., Lauren Guy-McAlpin, began a piece entitled, “Antis misrepresent Planned Parenthood data, as usual”:

Just another day in the life of an anti-choice wingnut: the American Life League and Jill Stanek are both reporting that, according to 2008 data, PP does little more than offer abortion services.

Lauren was referring to my September 10 post, “Planned Parenthood 2008: Abortion comprised 96% of pregnancy services.” After complaining about the pie charts and bar graphs I posted so people could visualize the overwhelming number of babies PP kills vs. the babies it claims to save, Lauren posted one of her own:

Well, I’ve never been so flattered. Lauren concluded:

ALL and Jill Stanek are running with grossly misrepresented data.  Never mind that the largest chunk of PP’s medical services go directly towards preventing the need for abortion in the first place; no, that fact doesn’t adequately fit the agenda of the antis, and it certainly doesn’t help them paint a picture of a PP that only exists to profit off of women’s abortions.

Sorry, Lauren, but the truth is PP has for years been working – with great success – to corner the market on abortion. Here’s another chart, from ALL (click to enlarge):

Explains ALL:

Nationwide, abortion numbers began falling in 1990 from an all time high of 1.6 million per year and declined through 2006, when they reached 1.2 million.

However, while nationwide figures were declining dramatically, PP’s abortion numbers continued to increase steadily.  In 1990, PP’s share of the abortion market was 8%.  By 2008, its share of the abortion market had catapulted to 26.8%, proving beyond a doubt that the focus of PP’s business is increasing abortions, and that PP’s mantra that it is decreasing abortions through its salacious sex education and birth control is patently false.

The 2008 abortion figure of 324,008 brings the total number of abortions committed by PP to 4,987,817.

Other interesting finds on the “Services” sheet (hat tip: ALL):

1. In 2008 PP recorded a 4% loss (almost 100k) in its female birth control customers.

2. While PP also touts it is the primary health provider of many women, its 2008 report shows these accounted for only .1% of services provided.

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