The Rocky Mountain Collegian optimistically reported “about 200” pro-abort students were anticipated to greet Justice for All when it brought its graphic abortion photo display to Colorado State University on Tuesday.

This after Campus Feminist Alliance president Lexy Hall bragged Monday afternoon she had garnered “127 confirmed attendees, 99 maybes and 491 awaiting responses,” via Facebook.

Hall assured Silveira her group would stand pro-abort guard against the 18-foot-tall photos of mutilated preborn babies “from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.”

Then came the morning and The Rocky Mountain Collegian’s follow-up report:

In the cold of 7 a.m. on Tuesday, social work major Katie Kulcsar stood alone near the bike racks on the south side of the Lory Student Center holding a cup of coffee and looking out onto the Plaza.

As she waited, she made phone calls and sent text messages to fellow members of CSU’s Advocates for Choice and to folks from the Campus Feminist Alliance and Fort Collins’ Planned Parenthood.

By calling, her intent was to grow a protest group against the visually-disturbing anti-abortion demonstration put on by Justice For All, a Kansas-based pro-life group that set up camp on the plaza all day Tuesday….

And though only six joined Kulcsar in the counter-demonstration by 7:30 a.m., they said their message wasn’t any less clear.

So funny! The group did apparently grow – I’m guessing after the pro-choice boys finally untangled themselves from the pro-choice girls they’d identified through the Facebook group – although I  note a final tally was never given, perhaps because the busy beaver pro-aborts were scurrying around too quickly to count:

By 10 a.m., the group had signs and people advocating for pro-choice, passing out condoms and fliers next to JFA’s demonstration. It also posted fliers on doors around the LSC, which read, “Graphic Images on Plaza. Caution: Alternate Routes Advised.”

How interesting that the young pro-aborts didn’t want their friends to see these particular graphic images, since we all know college students can’t handle gore – in this case exceedingly similar to that seen in slasher films.

Were they really so concerned about the mental welfare of their fellow students? Or  was it that the stark and embarrassing reality of “choice” would be on unfettered display? Wish our ace student reporters had thought to ask that.

Also interesting that the pro-aborts avoided describing the particulars of the graphic images ahead. Were they mutilated hamsters? Dissected gallbladders?

In actuality their vague warnings likely had the opposite effect and attracted more curiosity seekers than if they’d not done anything.

Final thought on this pro-abort weakness and silliness: It seems to me that distributing condoms in front of huge photos of aborted babies would be a definite turn-off.

[Photos via The Rocky Mountain Collegian]

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