This past weekend NARAL Pro-Choice Washington held its 30th Annual Liberty Ball Auction & Masquerade.

NARAL links on its site to a blog post by Afternoon Jolt at, who attended the event and reported:

If you didn’t get the idea from today’s Morning Fizz, NARAL’s Saturday night fundraiser was cool. Auctioning off a first-trimester abortion is audacious.

Today’s news: NARAL raised $113,000….

Morning Fizz is apparently Afternoon Jolt in the, well, morning. And Morning Fizz expounded:

Among the auction items were a holiday dinner with the governor (who was in attendance); a framed and autographed picture of WNBA champs the Storm… a 16 GB iPad; lots of fancy dinners; wine tours; and getaways to places such as the San Juan Islands, Orcas, Hawaii, Mexico, South Africa.

But one prize stayed true the politics at hand: “Fund a first-trimester abortion at Aurora Medical Services for a woman in need,” fair market value $530. West Seattle activist Christi Stapleton won that for $550.

There was a vasectomy on the auction block too, fair market value $940. “Girls, buy this for your boyfriend. How about just buying it and giving it so somebody who really should have one?” It went for $100. Only one person bid.

I found the NARAL’s auction guide online, which strangely didn’t mention the abortion and vasectomy auction items. But yes, there was that holiday dinner with the guv at his mansion, which seems to me should be illegal but obviously is not. Click to enlarge…

Given that NARAL’s entire reason for existence is to promote abortions, it should come as no surprise that it would auction off abortions. There’s nothing wrong with it, right?

So why did the pro-abort blogger feel the need to call the move “audacious”? Even way cool supporters like him/her recognize that celebrating abortions is at the very least bizarre, even at an event raising money for abortions.

But again, given that NARAL’s entire reason for existence is to promote abortions, I did find these auction items creepy. Click to enlarge…

I don’t know what these business owners were thinking to support an organization that only wants to put them out of business.  People sure are stupid. What an example demonstrating that support of the culture of death results in not only others’ but one’s own demise. Satan never stops.

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