Last week I described Abigail Seidman’s upbringing as the daughter of an abortion clinic nurse.

This week I’ll discuss what Abigail saw inside the mill where her mother worked. I have always been intrigued with the psyche of abortion workers and asked Abigail extensively about this….

I asked Abigail if the clinic aborted women who weren’t pregnant. Yes, she said, adding the clinic owner often joked “anyone who wants an abortion can have one, whether she’s pregnant or not!”

I asked Abigail if due dates were ever adjusted….

“I don’t remember a woman ever being turned away because she was too advanced in her pregnancy,” Abigail wrote me. “The latest date I ever heard was 28 weeks, although women were always told their date was 16 weeks or less.”

What did staff think of aborting mothers? “They called them ‘stupid sluts’ if it wasn’t their first abortion, or ‘brood mares’ if they chose life and left before aborting,” wrote Abigail.

There was one particular scandal Abigail recalled of a clinic worker who accidentally got pregnant but decided against abortion….

She would daily taunt pro-lifers by flashing her pregnant belly at sidewalk counselors, crowing, “Today’s the day! I’m having an abortion!”

She didn’t, of course, but continued to facilitate abortions after her daughter was born, bringing her to work so she could breast-feed. “I was charged with babysitting, upstairs in the clinic library,” Abigail wrote….

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