Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN

  • Pro-Life Wisconsin notes that while NARAL is observing National Adoption Month with a special screening of the movie Juno in Madison, WI, they just can’t seem to speak the truth about the humanity of the preborn. On their website, they state:

    There is no single answer to the question of when life begins. That is why each woman must be free to make a decision about abortion based on… her beliefs about when life begins.

    Forget scientific evidence – it’s all about what the woman wants. Interestingly, in a scene from Juno, Juno’s classmate, a sidewalk counselor, tells her her baby already has fingernails, and that piece of scientific evidence causes Juno to leave the abortion clinic.

  • RealChoice shares the video and story of Melissa Ohden, an abortion survivor, in answer to the question, “Who would adopt those aborted babies?” Pro-lifers like Melissa’s adoptive parents, that’s who:

    Part 2 can be viewed here.

  • Fr. Frank Pavone describes a good way to cut to the heart of the issue when discussing the human toll of abortion:They will talk about choice, freedom, the Constitution, the Church, women’s rights and sometimes, women’s health. But they won’t define or describe abortion itself. The reason is simple. Abortion cannot be defended. As soon as it is described, or viewed, the human conscience objects to its obvious violence.Maybe that’s why pro-abort HHS Sec. Sebelius, who advocates use of graphic images to discourage smoking, doesn’t approve of graphic abortion images.
  • Pro-Life Unity tells the story of pro-life Netherlands journalist, Mariska Orban, who has received death threats after writing an open letter to a pro-abort parliamentarian asking her to reconsider her position. Apparently, “[t]he pro death people of The Netherlands are certainly true to their beliefs. They believe getting rid of an inconvenient child is acceptable and thus threatening to get rid of an inconvenient journalist is acceptable as well.”
  • Wesley J. Smith discusses Donald Berwick, temporarily appointed Medicare chief, and his view that the patient/doctor office call is highly overrated.
  • ProWomanProLife discusses the real reason why pro-aborts have a problem with freedom of expression like the one at Carleton College in Ottawa:At Carleton today, it’s about graphic images. In Halifax, 25 years ago, it was about Feminists for Life pamphlets saying “Peace begins in the womb.” The problem then, isn’t how the message is conveyed. The problem is that the pro-life message is conveyed at all.
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