Wisconsin pro-lifers can claim victory after engaging in nearly a 2-year battle against the University of Wisconsin for its plan to begin commiting 2nd trimester abortions at its Madison Surgery Center.

While in May UW denied a WI attorney general’s report stating it was halting its attempt, yesterday UW finally decided to abandon the public relations nightmare, blaming pro-lifers. According to The Badger Herald last night:

UW Hospital and Clinics halted efforts… citing the safety and privacy of patients as the main reason, officials announced Monday.

An abortion clinic at the Madison Surgery Center… was approved in February 2009 by several patent boards…. The clinic would have been able to perform late-term abortions.

UW Health spokesperson Lisa Brunette said there was never a plan to offer late-term abortions at MSC, but rather “second trimester procedures,” which she said are not late-term abortions.

The main reason UW Health is no longer working to offer these services at MSC is to make sure all patients entering the clinic, regardless of what they are at MSC for, are not harmed by activists, Brunette said.

“We want to make sure anyone going into that building is safe from harm and has their privacy respected,” Brunette said.

She added UW Health is not currently looking for another location that would be safer for patients and does not have plans to look in the future.

Pro-lifers should now keep an eye on the local Planned Parenthood, from whence this ruckus started. It was only because its late-term abortionist, Dennis Christensen, quit following a contract dispute that the plan was hatched to move them to UW.

[HT: LiveAction.org via Twitter]

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