I’ve not followed the life and times of Fantasia Barrino, American Idol’s 2004 Season 3 winner.

But when I read the tragic revelation last week that Fantasia attempted to kill herself in August following an abortion, I brought myself up to speed.

Little did LifeNews.com know the backstory when originally reporting Fantasia’s suicide attempt, particularly when writing she “once chose life – when faced with an unexpected pregnancy.”

That was in 2001, when Fantasia, a 17-yr-old unmarried high school drop out, gave birth to daughter Zion (pictured, left, with Fantasia last week).

Nine years later, at the height of fame and in the midst of an adulterous affair, Fantasia chose otherwise for her next unexpected pregnancy.

Details came out during a child custody hearing November 22 between Fantasia’s former lover, Antwaun Cook, and his estranged wife Paula.

Paula filed for divorce in August and is seeking alimony and custody of the couple’s 2 children. Paula has also filed a lawsuit against Fantasia for “violating North Carolina’s obscure ‘alienation of affection’ law,” quoting PopCrunch.com, “which allows a spouse to sue their partner’s mistress – and refused Barrino’s $100,000 settlement offer.”

Soap opera writers could not have created a more ghastly scenario for details of the abortion and suicide attempt to emerge, while Fantasia was being cross-examined on the witness stand.  Read the transcript and hear audio at RadarOnline.com.

And, incredibly, much of the bud-to-bloom-to-demise of the romance between Fantasia and Antwaun, a T-Mobile salesman, played out during the 2nd season of Fantasia’s tv reality show, Fantasia for Real.

At the time Fantasia claimed she thought Antwaun was separated from his wife when she began her relationship with him. Apparently Paula wouldn’t settle for the $100k because she wants Fantasia to admit she knew Paula and Antwaun were still living together. Here’s what may turn out to be a sham “reality” come clean scene from the show. Sorry about the ad… necessary evil….

Such a sad mess.

While pro-aborts like to deny a link between suicide and abortion, it is well documented. No surprise, I notice the other side has been silent on Fantasia’s acknowledgment.

[Top photo via People; middle photo via Bossip.com; bottom photo via WhyFame.com]

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