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  • Parenting Freedom nails wealthy, father-of-5 population control advocate Ted Turner on his hypocrisy. Turner espouses China’s 1-child rule for everyone, especially the poor. Eugenics, anyone?

  • At Judie Brown’s blog, Fr. Raymond J. de Souza discusses the contradiction between Obama’s legislation replacing the words “mentally retarded” with something less “harsh,” and our actions toward those with Down Syndrome:

    We insist that harsh words are not used in regard to the mentally disabled, but the most lethal words today in medicine are those that announce Down’s syndrome. It is far better to be diagnosed with terminal cancer as an adult than to be diagnosed with Down’s syndrome as an unborn baby. No cancer has a 90% death rate within a month.

  • Big Blue Wave comments on a study of mothers who kill and the ambivalence of society toward them.
  • ProWomanProLife discusses the “children at any cost” mentality of surrogacy and its relation to the abortion culture:

    I can’t shake the idea that surrogacy and desperate attempts to conceive are intimately connected to our abortion-friendly culture, which seems counter-intuitive, really. At one end you have someone who really wants life, and at the other, the person who kills.

    But in the end, it seems, control is the unifying factor: We don’t have babies when we don’t want to, but when we do – come hell or high water, we will have them.

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