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  • An article at NJ.com, which notes that three NJ Planned Parenthood affiliates may start doing abortions, provides more information about PP’s new policy that its affiliates must provide abortions:

    The national group wants 1 abortion site operating in each of its 85 regions or affiliates by the end of 2013…. NJ has 5 affiliates, and 2 operate abortion clinics: The Central Jersey affiliate, at its Shrewsbury center in Monmouth County; and the Mercer County affiliate, at its Trenton and Hamilton facilities. That could mean 3 more abortion sites in the state, unless the affiliates convince the national office more are not needed.

  • SecularProLife’s blog compares NARAL’s state rankings with the Guttmacher Institute’s state abortion rate data. Unsurprisingly, states with higher NARAL grades (and fewer pro-life laws) tend to have higher abortion rates.
  • A car struck a pro-life protester in FL after a teenage driver took her eyes off the road. The protesters were protesting at the home of abortionist Phillip Waterman.
  • NARAL’s 2011 “Who Decides?” Report gives our nation a “D” with regards to abortion legislation. The report is dedicated to Janet Napolitano who vetoed pro-life legislation when she was AZ’s governor. Too bad for NARAL, she didn’t stay governor:

    After Napolitano was nominated to serve as President Barack Obama’s secretary of Homeland Security, her successor, anti-choice Jan Brewer (R), immediately released the flood of anti-choice legislation that Sec. Napolitano had held off. In just under 2 years in office, Gov. Brewer has managed to sign 8 anti-choice bills.
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