When in the wee hours this morning the House passed the Continuing Resolution (HR 1 – the federal budget through September 2010), it included several pro-life policies that would make the following changes:

Abortion Funding in the District of Columbia: HR 1 restores the Dornan amendment to ensure that no congressionally appropriated funds (whether locally or federally  generated) may pay for abortion in the District of Columbia.  (Included in HR 1, as introduced)

Mexico City Policy and UNFPA: HR 1 restores the Mexico City Policy, which prohibits funding for foreign nongovernmental organizations that promote or commit elective abortion.  HR 1 also eliminates funding for UNFPA, which supports, and participates in the management of China’s one child policy. (Included in HR 1, as introduced)

Title X Funding: Funding for Title X, a domestic family planning program, is eliminated.  (Included in HR 1, as introduced)

International Population Control and Family Planning Funding: Funding for international family planning/reproductive health is reduced from $648 million in FY10 to $440 million. (Included in HR 1, as introduced)

Planned Parenthood: None of the funds may be made available to Planned Parenthood. (Pence Amendment passed by a vote of 240-185-1; video of pro-life speeches in favor of the Pence Amendment can be found here.)

As the other side continues to complain Republicans have baited-and-switched – promising to work on the economy and jobs but instead reengaging the culture wars  – we must constantly remind them:

1. Republicans promised to cut the budget, by $100 billion to be exact. The aforementioned cuts were actually no-brainers – eliminating from the budget controversial expenditures on social programs and/or controversial organizations many Americans oppose. Being pro-life is good fiscal policy!

2. Excuse me, who reengaged the culture wars? Many if not most of these cuts are simply undoing budget additions the Obama administration and Democrat-controlled Congress forced on America only 2 short years ago.

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