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  • Delaware’s AG’s office wants the suspension of the medical licenses of 2 abortionists at the same clinic (Atlantic Women’s Medical Services) where abortionist Kermit Gosnell worked part-time. AWMS was certified by the National Abortion Federation until it came to light that Gosnell worked there part-time:

  • Because of regulatory reforms passed last year after sex-abuse charges were lodged against Lewes pediatrician Earl B. Bradley, the board now has the ability to act on emergency complaints within 24 hours, meaning the two doctors – Albert Dworkin and Arturo A. Apolinario – may be suspended from practicing in DE as soon as this evening….

    DE prosecutors also are asking the Board of Medical Licensure to issue an immediate cease-and-desist order against Atlantic’s owner and sole shareholder, Panzy Myrie, charging she has been holding herself up in online advertisements as a doctor and gynecologist even though she has no license to practice medicine in DE….

    The AG’s Office also is asking the board to impose the maximum possible fines against Atlantic… which could be up to $10k for a first offense and up to $50k for subsequent violations.

  • Rapper Kanye West tweeted about abortion and how it can cost men he knows $50,000-$100,000 to pay women they’ve impregnated (Kanye uses more colorful language) to get an abortion.

  • Part 6 of William Saletan’s piece on dangerous abortion clinics in FL and pro-choice efforts to prevent any type of regulations is up:

    The draft bill released by the committee on March 5 was hardly earthshaking. Clinics would have to submit the names of their doctors to HRS as part of their annual license renewal. HRS would have to verify with DPR that each doctor was licensed. Anyone who leaked a doctor’s name would be fired and charged with a 1st-degree misdemeanor. In fairness, and to close a loophole, the same rules would apply to any private doctor’s office whose business was mostly abortions. [The late] Mary Grizzle [pictured left], the bill’s sponsor, wanted simple sanitation standards but agreed to propose none until Judge Gonzalez relaxed his injunction….

    The rest of the pro-choice lobby – FL NOW, POWAR, the ACLU, and the Florida Abortion Rights Action League – refused. They dismissed as persecution any crackdown aimed only at abortion clinics. They saw no proof that the unsavory conditions in south Florida had caused any injuries. At bottom, they believed that no law could be a good law.

  • The wife of pro-life advocate Bryan Kemper recently miscarried.As you may know Carrie and I lost a child this morning through miscarriage. I had to rush Carrie to the hospital as she was losing a lot of blood. The doctor in the ER was able to stop the bleeding.

    He updates that his wife will be able to go home today.

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