The pro-abort group National Partnership for Women & Families issued an interesting email this week:

Ever heard of the six-word memoir? A few years ago, well before Twitter took the internet by storm, SMITH Magazine issued a challenge to its readers to sum up the story of their lives… in six words. The result is micro poetry that’s funny, sad and often poignant….

So, let’s use SMITH Magazine’s successful tactic as a way to express our outrage over the “war” on women being waged in the US House of Representatives….

[L]ast week the House voted to defund Planned Parenthood and eliminate funding for Title X family planning services. And an extremely dangerous bill was just voted out of the House Judiciary Committee today that threatens health insurance coverage of abortion services for all women.

It’s shameful, and they’re not done yet. So are you up for the challenge? Share your six-word quote….

Here was NPW&F’s sample…



And a few more…


    Life. Liberty. Pursuit of Happiness. CHOICE. – Shannon S.
    Congress, I want to stay healthy! – Kathleen K.
    Planned Parenthood was there for me. – Simone C.
    My life, Gives life, I choose. – Shawn L.


Kind of like a very short Haiku.

So what would be your six words for Life… or in opposition to “choice”?


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