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  • I knew the statistic that claimed the District of Columbia spent $62,300 on tax-funded abortions since August was baloney. The evidence comes from Planned Parenthood itself. According to TBD’s Amanda Hess and the DCist, 28 women were scheduled for abortion – in one day at one PP abortion clinic – but they were told last night DC could no longer pay for their abortions.

    If you used $450 as a conservative guess for average cost of an abortion that would mean that DC would have spent $12,600 on tax-funded abortions in one day at one clinic. The National Abortion Federation lists 2 additional clinics in DC. A report by Hess claims there were 8 abortion providers in DC in 2008.

  • The Philadelphia Dept. of Health has set up a web site where individuals between the ages of 11 and 19 can request free condoms be mailed to them. “Statutory rape? What’s that? Here’s a condom.”
  • The University of Delaware paid a woman $50,000 to write on a play where a character playing Jesus “accompan(ies) Alice (the main character) a road trip to Connecticut — with Big Gulps in hand — to evade Delaware’s parental consent laws on abortion.”
  • David Klinghoffer has a piece at National Review Online on stem cell research:

    An enduring liberal myth, that of the Republican “war on science,” got a subtle rebuke this week when the first and only patient to receive FDA-approved embryonic-stem-cell therapy publicly revealed his identity. Timothy J. Atchison, a 21-year-old nursing student, had been partially paralyzed in a car crash. 6 months ago, scientists at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta sought to test on him the safety of a drug concocted from stem cells of the kind derived by destroying a human embryo.

    Are you surprised to learn that this was the very first such clinical test of embryonic-stem-cell research (ESCR)? The news story about Timothy Atchison reminds us that unlike therapies from morally unobjectionable adult stem cells, embryonic stem cells so far have not cured anyone of anything.

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