It sure looks to me like Gwyneth Paltrow was sitting in her bathroom on the toilet when filming this short (don’t blink) PSA for Planned Parenthood


Recall Gwyneth and her mother Blythe Danner are longtime PP supporters. Mother/daughter pro-aborts always seem creepily weird to me. Think about it.

And I guess Scarlett Johansson thought she’d look more like a feminist if she didn’t wear make-up when filming her PP PSA. I’m not sure why the crew picked a meadow for filming. Maybe it’s Scarlett’s back yard. Maybe her bathroom was dirty.


Finally, I had to check 2 sources on Kathleen Turner’s pitch for PP. I seriously thought the video was dubbed. Turner sounds drunk, for starters, and like a man. Breitbart noted her accent was of “unidentifiable origin,” which is also true.

But whatev, Turner had clearly told Good Morning America staff beforehand she wanted to discuss PP, and GMA came up with the “we-have-an-extra-30-seconds-of-time-is-there-anything-you’d-like-to-add” route to let Turner state her PP piece while appearing to keep its hands clean. And I don’t think it’s Republicans that are making you sick, Kathleen. I think it’s those 3 packs a day


Notice the one word missing from all these starlit pro-PP PSAs? That’s right, the A-word.

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