I really lament that I will not be able to attend Joe Scheidler’s tribute tonight.

Joe was so supportive of me from the onset at Christ Hospital, not only leading protests there but also attempting to help the primary abortionist, a Catholic, understand the error of his ways.

Joe taught me pretty much all I know about pro-life activism. Joe has also been a very important role model to me, always displaying grace, humor, and charity in the face of hatred. And Joe always speaks with wisdom. The photo of Joe, above right, encapsulates all of that. I took it at 3-1/2 years ago at a pro-life protest of an Aurora, IL, City Council meeting trying to stop Planned Parenthood from sneaking in.

Joe, you so richly deserve the pro-life tribute you will receive tonight. Enjoy every moment of the love you receive.

Here’s a touching tribute to Joe, just up on YouTube


[HT for video: American Life League on Twitter]

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