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  • Catholics for a Free Choice have published a symposium of articles discussing whether President Obama is liberal enough for them. Here’s their press release and web page of their magazine Conscience. Some pro-choicers – like RH Reality Check’s Jodi Jacobson – are not happy with Obama. Jacobson says he’s not pro-choice by her definition:

    The president has presided over the greatest erosion to women’s reproductive health and rights in the past 30 years, and a continuing degradation of our rights at the state level. Yet still he remains silent.

  • Louisiana authorities are looking for a woman who scammed a potential adoptive couple out of nearly $7000 after claiming she was pregnant. She had gotten pregnant earlier and had an abortion:
    The family gave her $6800, but then she told them she “gave birth” in Shreveport and decided to keep the child after all. The family even made an effort to come to Shreveport to give her diapers and things for the baby after the birth….

  • Iowa lawmakers are working to ensure that late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart (pictured left) doesn’t come to Council Bluffs. Don’t miss Carhart’s brilliant argument against the proposal below: 

    Iowa City Democratic Sen. Joe Bolkcom says a compromise could be reached later this week that would block the clinic but not impose a broad ban as has been approved by the House. Bolkcom acknowledged Monday that details of that compromise are still being bargained.

    … Carhart told The AP the proposal is silly.

  • In Florida, a pregnant woman was stabbed 30 times:Lee County sheriff’s deputies received a complaint that a car horn had been sounding for nearly an hour. When they responded to the scene around 4 a.m. Saturday, they found a bloody, visibly pregnant woman inside her vehicle. She told deputies she was stabbed by an acquaintance in his driveway, and then driven to an abandoned apartment complex and left to die.

    The victim and her 6-month-old fetus were taken to a hospital, where they are in critical condition.

[Photo via theiowarepublican.com]

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