reported last night:

President Barack Obama asked hundreds of supporters in Austin on Tuesday to help his re-election campaign….

Obama sounded a similar message during a speech to about 50 people during a dinner at the West Lake Hills home of venture capitalist Blaine Wesner and philanthropist Alexa Wesner…. [T]he dinner at the Wesners’ home cost $35,800 per person and more than $50,000 for couples.

Guests weren’t named, but one guest named herself:

An experienced lobbyist, Cecile Richards knows that’s the way to do it: As often as possible remind your political friends why you’re political friends. In this case Cecile was displaying not just her money but also her influence in Austin, the capital of Texas, where her mother was once governor.

And share not just bad times, when you’re asking (or demanding) something, but also good times.

We see here an example of the abortion industry’s major strong suit: political savvy.

Here’s also an example of the other side’s unfair advantage: Obama just ensured Planned Parenthood continues to get a boatload of money from his end, and Cecile was just returning the favor.

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