Just as the Obama administration was willing to shut down the US government to keep Planned Parenthood on the federal dole, it is willing to shut down Indiana’s Medicaid program to keep Planned Parenthood on the state dole.

For enacting a new law last month that bars Planned Parenthood from receiving $1.4 million in state Medicaid funds, Indiana has been told by the Department of Health and Human Services it risks losing up to $5.3 billion in federal dollars. Unless Indiana backs away from PP, one million of Indiana’s poor and elderly will have no financial medical support.

So far Indiana isn’t blinking in this high stakes game of chicken.

Meanwhile, although Indiana Planned Parenthood says it will have to close 7 of its 28 clinics and lay off 24 employees if defunded, it has received an “unprecedented amount of donations” totally $116,000 so far, reported the Huffington Post on June 8. Good. Let the pro-aborts support pro-aborts.

Federal Judge Tanya Walton Pratt, who previously rejected PP’s request for a restraining order against Indiana on May 10, says she will rule on Planned Parenthood’s request for an injunction by July 1.  Meanwhile the state has 60 days to appeal DHHS’s decision.

But this also gives MSM 60 days to prop Planned Parenthood.

For example, ignoring Planned Parenthood’s history of fraud, failure to report minor rape, dispensing false information, and willingness to cover up statutory rape and sex trafficking, MSNBC’s Martin Bashir on June 6 simply asked PP CEO Cecile Richards to confirm some of her own talking points.

You can watch MSNBC’s entire 3:17 Planned Parenthood PSA here. But Newsbusters’ Matthew Balan did something interesting. He simply spliced together a montage of Bashir’s promos to accentuate the obvious…

This next news video goes back to February, when Cecile was defending Planned Parenthood against LiveAction.org’s sex trafficking sting videos and to keep PP in the federal budget.

Since the interview was conducted on the liberal Democracy Now! channel, bias was expected.

But something very interesting happens at 36:31 and again at 36:40, which David Schmidt of Live Action first noticed and drew to my attention. At both points Cecile seems to look down and say “ok,” as if she is responding to someone saying something in her earpiece. Do you see it?

[Graphic via Family Research Councilem>]

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