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  • North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue vetoed an informed consent bill. When the measure originally passed, in both chambers it was one vote shy of having veto-proof majorities.
  • In Ireland, a man named Christopher Paul Buckham who got a 15-year-old pregnant and gave her abortion drugs has been sentenced to 7 years in prison:

    Buckham pleaded guilty to 8 charges of sexual activity with a child and 1 of supplying a poison to procure a miscarriage, between June 19th, 2009, and May 22nd last year.

  • Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri is suing in an attempt to keep their Title X funding:At issue are so-called federal Title X funds, which go toward family-planning activities. Kansas will get about $2.7M in Title X funds for family-planning services in 2012-13….

    While the federal funds make up one-third to half of the clinics’ budgets in Hays and Wichita, [local PP president Peter] Brownlie didn’t foresee them immediately closing if the lawsuit is lost. However, he cautioned that clients could pay more for services.

  • Saturday Night Live alum and Parks and Rec star Amy Poehler (pictured left) may be funny but she’s not real smart. From her e-mail to Planned Parenthood’s e-mail list encouraging people to join and donate to Planned Parenthood

    There’s no better way to have an impact for women’s health than being a Planned Parenthood member – and if you give now, you have twice the impact.

    Yes, “no better way” than donating to a bloated behemoth which rakes in ten of millions in income in excess of expenses every year, wastes money on Twitter advertising, and compensates their higher-ups with large salaries.

  • The Indiana law which stripped Medicaid funding from Planned Parenthood for the last month and a half also led doctors at a couple of hospitals to stop performing abortions:According to the Indianapolis Star, the doctors at IU and Wishard hospitals stopped performing abortions on about 70 patients, including many with complications that put the patient’s health at risk.

    In a statement, Wishard Hospital made it clear it is not the hospitals making the call, it’s the doctors.

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